Trump representatives accused the communists of interfering in the elections

Representatives of U.S. President Donald Trump accused the Communists of interfering in the past elections. Sidney Powell, a member of Trump’s legal team, said this on November 19.

Trump’s representatives said that the violations at the elections were organized “on Communist money”.

“This is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba and probably China on our elections in the United States,” she said.

According to Powell, it was done through Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic Technology Software, which provided the technical support for the voting and counting of votes – they supposedly created the conditions for Baden to win.

Smartmatic Technology Software, according to Trump, is owned by a Venezuelan businessman with ties to the Venezuelan government, and according to Dominion Voting Systems, they were allegedly trained to destroy the ballot in support of Trump.

Earlier on November 19, Trump’s lawyer, Rudolf Giuliani, reported irregularities in the U.S. elections as part of a centralized plan to falsify the voting results. He stated that the voting fraud scheme was repeated in a number of states, and the key place in this scheme was occupied by big cities controlled by democrats.

Earlier that day, however, Giuliani announced that Trump’s headquarters was withdrawing a lawsuit challenging vote counting in the Michigan presidential election.

At the same time, Trump’s campaign requested a recount in two Wisconsin state constituencies.