Trump signed a bill on environmental project funding

Donald Trump today signed a bill on the creation of a fund for the rehabilitation of national parks and public lands, which is designed to revive deferred projects in this area, making up for the lack of funding.

“We preserve our land. We are making it better, cleaner and safer,” the president said.

The bill, called the White House’s largest environmental initiative in decades, was presented in Senate in March. It was passed by the Senate in June and by the House of Representatives in July.

According to Interior Minister David Bernhardt, the initiative, which has enjoyed the unwavering support of President Trump, will “fix the outdated infrastructure in the national parks and provide continued funding for environmental projects.

According to the bill, the Land and Water Conservation Fund will receive $900 million a year on a permanent basis and $9.5 billion over 5 years to restore various facilities.

The initiative will also create over 100,000 additional jobs in the infrastructure sector.

More than 850 environmental organizations and 43 sports associations supported the bill.

Among those present at the signing ceremony were Vice-President Mike Pence, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and several other representatives of the administration and Congress.