Trump stated that Biden has no positive qualitie

President Donald Trump said his likely rival in the upcoming presidential election, Joe Biden, has no positive qualities. He expressed this opinion in an interview with Full Measure News, an excerpt from which was published on Facebook.

The American leader was asked to name Biden’s strongest quality as a political rival. Trump replied that he could name experience, but “he doesn’t really have experience” and according to the US president, Biden “doesn’t remember what he was doing yesterday”. Trump noted that Biden was never seen as a smart man.

Responding to the journalist’s request to name only one positive quality, Trump, thoughtfully, said that he could not say anything. After that, the journalist asked a question about the weak qualities of his competitor.

“He has many of them. I can talk about his weakness all day long,” Trump said.

Earlier in May, former U.S. Senate employee Tyra Reed, who claims to have been sexually harassed by presidential candidate Joe Biden about 30 years ago, called on him to withdraw from the race.