Trump threatened to completely break up the U.S. relationship with China

“We can stop all relationships at all. And then what would happen? We would have saved $500 billion,” said the U.S. president.

U.S. President Donald Trump threatened a complete breakdown in U.S. relations with China. He made that threat on Fox Business on Thursday, May 14. Journalist Maria Bartiromo asked the White House head what he thought about the proposal to deny visas to Chinese students. “There’s a lot we can do. “We can stop all relationships at all. And then what would happen? We would save $500 billion,” Trump replied. The U.S. president called this amount, which corresponds to Chinese exports to the United States, “lost money.

He added that now he does not want to communicate with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and repeated that he does not intend to resume negotiations on a trade deal with China.

Beijing wants to break the deal with Washington…
The topic of reviewing the agreement arose after the publication in the Chinese state publication Global Times of information that advisers to the Chinese authorities insist on resuming negotiations with the U.S. on the deal. In their opinion, the US has weakened during the Coronavirus pandemic and can no longer afford to wage a trade war with China. Thus, it is in Beijing’s interest to break the agreement and conclude it on new terms, Chinese experts believe.

On January 15, China and the United States signed an agreement after about a year and a half of trade war between the two countries. This document commits Beijing to sharply increase imports of American products by at least $200 billion over two years. In particular, purchases of energy resources from the U.S., namely oil, petroleum products, gas and coal, should increase by $52.4 billion over this period compared to 2017.