Trump urged U.S. citizens to go to work to save the economy

Americans should return to work to save the economy, despite the spread of coronavirus. This was stated by U.S. President Donald Trump on Fox News.

The owner of the White House reminded that thousands of people are dying because of the flu, but this has never been the cause of “blackout” the country. “We lose even more people in accidents, but we don’t ask car manufacturers to stop making cars.”

People are dying from coronavirus, but much more people could be lost if the country finds itself in a massive recession or depression, Trump said, stressing that the U.S. “was not created to remain unemployed.

Earlier it became known that for the first time since he was elected president, Donald Trump’s rating exceeded his anti-rating by 3%. According to the American public opinion institute Gallup, this increase occurred against the backdrop of an active struggle between the White House administration and the coronavirus. According to polls, 49% of respondents approve of the president’s activity, while 45% do not.

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