Trump used wartime law for hypersonic weapons

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President Donald Trump has invoked wartime law to urgently implement the hypersonic weapons program, the White House said June 24.

The decree of the U.S. leader notes that the production of “ultra-high and high-temperature composites for hypersonic, strategic missile and space launch systems” is extremely important for the national defense.
Trump noted that without the application of the 303rd law on defense production in conditions of war or emergency, it is impossible to expect that U.S. production will quickly and efficiently cope with the task of creating hypersonic missiles.

This is not the first time that Trump has brought such legislation into force,” RIA Novosti said. In April, the U.S. leader instructed to transfer the production of artificial lung ventilation devices in accordance with the wartime law. Six companies received state support.

Earlier, the Pentagon repeatedly stated that it lags behind Russia and China in the field of hypersonic armament. In this regard, the United States has accelerated its weapons program. Trump announced the appearance of a “super super-super rocket”, which will be 17 times faster than the enemy’s missiles and can hit a 70 cm target at a distance of 1.6 thousand kilometers.

June 18, responsible for the development of hypersonic weapons in the Pentagon, Michael White announced plans to accelerate the testing of missiles.

A few days before it it became known that the latest hypersonic U.S. missile during the tests almost flew into free flight.

Earlier in June, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the development of counter-sonic missiles. According to him, Russia will have “hypersonic” means of interception earlier than other countries.