Trump voted prematurely in 2020 elections

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U.S. President Donald Trump voted early in the presidential election on Saturday, October 24, at a polling station in West Palm Beach, Florida. Broadcast was conducted by American news TV channels.

Trump arrived at the polling station alone, without his wife, and left the voting zone 15 minutes later. He told reporters that voting was organized safely, “very clearly, by the rules.

“I voted for a guy named Trump,” he said.

The presidential elections in the USA will be held on November 3; early voting has already begun in a number of states. The rival of Trump, a candidate from Republicans, is the candidate from Democrats Joe Biden.

Besides the president, the elections will elect a vice president, 35 senators, 435 members of the House of Representatives, 13 state and territory governors and local authorities.

Earlier it became known that more than 50 million Americans have already voted early. From them 35 million citizens cast their votes by mail, and 15 million came to the polling stations.

Early voting will last until the end of the week. Americans have avoided public places because of the coronavirus pandemic, so mail-order voting is particularly popular.