Trump wants to increase trade with Russia

During a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, U.S. President Donald Trump offered to increase the mutual trade turnover “several times”.

How exactly this can be achieved in the context of anti-Russian sanctions, was not discussed at the meeting. However, the issue is expected to be resolved within the framework of the Russian-American Business Advisory Council, which has not yet been officially launched. At the same time, back in October, John Huntsman, then U.S. ambassador to Russia, claimed that 90% of trade was not affected by the sanctions.

Sergei Lavrov arrived in the United States on a working visit on December 10. On the eve of his visit, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he had been instructed to discuss with the Russian minister, among other things, business relations with Russia, the newspaper wrote.

The next day, after a meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister, the secretary of state announced “a statement on economic breakthroughs in our cooperation,” which will be made in the near future.

The parties also discussed bilateral relations, accusations of Russia’s interference in the elections, the situation in DPRK and Syria, and a number of other issues. Pompeo called for improvement of bilateral relations, and Lavrov invited the U.S. Secretary of State to visit Russia at any convenient time.

The minister later received Trump. On the agenda was the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate Range and Shorter Range Missiles nuclear arms control and other problems. On the issue of the “Russian Federation case”, the Russian side suggested that the US should fix the obligations of non-interference in each other’s affairs.

The head of the White House called the meeting “very good” and expressed hope that the dialogue would continue. Lavrov noted that the negotiations were held in an atmosphere of mutual understanding, adding that Russia offered the U.S. “any options” for extending START-3 and now awaits a response from the U.S. authorities.

The Kremlin called the meeting “an important moment”, but added that no progress has been made in bilateral relations so far.