Trump warned North Korea of the risk to lose everything

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will not act in a hostile manner against the United States because he understands that he will otherwise lose everything. This opinion was expressed on Sunday, December 8, by President Donald Trump.

“Kim Jong Un is too smart and has far too much to lose, everything actually, if he acts in a hostile way,” the U.S. leader wrote on Twiter.

Trump stressed that North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un, has enormous economic potential, but that Pyongyang must carry out denuclearization “as promised.

Earlier Sunday, North Korea reported that it had successfully conducted a “very important” test at the Sohe Cosmodrome.

The United States and North Korea began negotiations in 2018. Then Singapore hosted the first ever summit of U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, which resulted in the parties agreeing to denuclearize North Korea in exchange for security guarantees and lifting sanctions by Washington. After that, the leaders met twice more, but did not achieve serious success in the negotiations.