Trump warned of possible capture of 40,000 Americans by the Taliban

Former U.S. President Donald Trump believes that about 40,000 Americans about to leave Afghanistan could be held hostage by the Taliban .

“We’ve never faced a situation like this. 40,000 potential hostages, at least 11,000, but it could be 40,000. Nobody knows how many,” he said on FoxNews TV on August 18.

Trump also called for credit to the Taliban, saying they are “good fighters.”

“Who knows how they’re going to feel [about evacuating American soldiers]. There have been situations with two, three, four hostages. If they’re smart, they should let the Americans leave,” the former president of the United States noted.

Earlier on Wednesday, Trump said he considered the operation to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan the greatest humiliation for the United States. He called the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan remarkable, but stressed that “no one has ever handled the withdrawal process worse than [incumbent U.S. President] Joe Biden.