Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Member of the Norwegian “Progress Party” Christian Tibring-Gedde nominated U.S. President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to resolve longstanding world conflicts. This was announced by the Fox News channel on Wednesday, September 9.

“I think he has done more than most other Peace Prize nominees in his attempts to establish peace between states,” the MP said.

Tibering-Gedde said in a letter to the Nobel Committee that the administration of the American leader played a key role in establishing relations between Israel and the UAE, reports TV channel “360”. He noted that since “it is expected that other countries of the Middle East will follow the example of the UAE, this agreement may become a turning point, which will make the Middle East a region of cooperation and prosperity.

On August 13, it was reported that Israel has agreed to sign an agreement to normalize relations with the UAE. The agreement on full normalization of relations was reached through the mediation of the United States. The trilateral statement said that Israel would temporarily postpone the decision to extend its sovereignty in the West Bank under the terms of the deal with the UAE.

On September 8 it became known that Israel and the United Arab Emirates will sign the agreement on September 15 in the White House.

Also in the coming weeks Israel and the UAE will sign a number of agreements in the field of investment, tourism, direct air travel, security, telecommunications and others.