Trump: “We’re coping with the crisis.”

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Addressing the journalists, the President noted the positive changes taking place in the labor market.

In particular, Trump highlighted the data presented in the last report on this subject, which considers the development of the situation in June.

The President noted that 4.8 million jobs have been created in the country since then.

He also noted that the gradual easing of restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic has helped business structures to return to work.

The President stressed that according to the report, last month unemployment in the country decreased to 11.1%.

Trump particularly focused on positive changes in the employment of African-American workers, as well as Americans with Latin American roots.

Trump criticized the way some media cover the situation in the country.

“We are coping with the crisis,” the president said, highlighting the Coronavirus pandemic and its socio-economic impact.

In that context, Trump highlighted the administration’s collaboration with state governors in deciding to provide clinics with the necessary equipment.

Later that day, the president spoke at the White House’s The Spirit of America exhibit.

After last Friday, the president did not participate in public events. In tweets published in recent days, Trump criticized participants who were attempting to dismantle some historical sites.

The U.S. media have noted that the U.S. has recently faced acute problems in various areas of society. These include the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and protests related to interracial relations in the country.

In recent days, there has been a heated debate in the country over reports of alleged payments to the Afghan Taliban by Russia for the killing of the American military in Afghanistan.