Trump’s children subpoenaed in fraud case

The Attorney General of the State of New York Letitia James subpoenaed the children of former U.S. President Donald Trump – Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump – Jr. The New York Times reported this on Monday, January 3, citing a source.

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. have been summoned to testify as part of an investigation into possible fraud at the Trump Organization, owned by the former American leader.

A media source claims that Trump, who was also summoned for questioning, and his children received the subpoena back on Dec. 1. The subpoena states that Trump is scheduled to testify under oath on Jan. 7, 2022. Attorneys for the former U.S. leader responded by suing Attorney James, claiming she was violating Trump’s rights.

In July 2021, the Trump Organization was accused of violating tax laws.

The company and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg, were charged with related criminal charges.

It is noted that the organization and its director were involved in a criminal scheme of tax evasion for 15 years. Thus, they are charged with fraud, conspiracy, theft of property and forgery of documents.

Trump Organizationization, according to the prosecutor’s office, evaded paying a total of $1.7 million in taxes, based on tax returns, witness testimony and data from electronic media.

In February last year, journalists reported that the New York City Prosecutor’s Office expanded its investigation into the financial activities of the former U.S. president in connection with real estate transactions in Manhattan.

According to media reports, authorities were interested in loans that Trump received from several subsidiaries of Ladder Capital, a mortgage loan company, totaling about $280 million.