Trump’s doctor denied the U.S. president’s strokes

U.S. President Donald Trump did not have a healthy, stroke or microstroke. This was stated by the attending physician of the head of the White House Sean Conley on September 1.

“I can confirm that President Trump has never been diagnosed with cerebrovascular disease (stroke), transient ischemic attack (microstroke) or acute cardiovascular disease.

Conley added that the head of the White House remains healthy, is able to withstand a busy schedule and is able to perform the duties of the president.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump told CNN on Twitter that he was lying about an excerpt from a New York Times reporter’s book that he had allegedly suffered a series of microstrokes and asked for help at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

On June 20 during his speech at the meeting in Tulsa (Oklahoma) the president of USA commented on reports in mass media that he could have Parkinson’s disease.