Trump’s lawyer accused Biden’s son of keeping a photo of minors

In the laptop of the son of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party were found photos of sexual nature, which depict minors. The lawyer of the US President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani stated about it.

On Tuesday on Newsmax TV, the lawyer said he met with Delaware police this week about “shocking material found on Hunter Biden’s alleged hard drive.

He presented material from Biden Jr.’s correspondence with his father. Hunter Biden allegedly told his father that his half-sister complained about his relationship with a 14-year-old girl who was naked at the time.

Giuliani also claimed that Hunter Biden’s hard drive contained many pictures of underage girls. All the materials were handed over to the police, Trump’s lawyer stressed.

On October 14, Facebook restricted its platform to publishing The New York Post, which contained information from confidential correspondence between Hunter Biden and Vadim Pozharsky, advisor to Burisma management.

Facebook said that “this story” should be verified by partners.

The New York Post, in turn, specified that in this way the social network management responded to the article, which contains details of electronic correspondence of Hunter Biden, in particular, several letters in 2014 and 2015. One letter was sent to Biden Jr. one year after his inclusion in the Board of Burisma – in it Pozharsky allegedly thanked the addressee for the invitation to Washington and the opportunity to meet with his father Joe, who was then president of the administration of American leader Barack Obama.

These letters could have been taken from a laptop left by Biden’s son in a Delaware repair shop.