Trump’s niece sued him and accused him of fraud

US President’s niece Mary Trump sued him and his relatives on charges of fraud. The New York Times reported this with reference to court documents.

The defendants in the case are Donald Trump, his sister Maryann Trump-Barry and the administrator of the inheritance of their deceased brother Robert in August. Mary Trump claims that Robert, Donald and Maryann Trump have taken control of the real estate empire since the 1980s, which they obtained after their father’s death.

They allegedly used illegal schemes and various tricks to increase income, including tax evasion, deception of business partners and rent increases for tenants, including low-income ones.

Mary Trump inherited part of the family business after her father’s death, but was a minor at the time and Donald Trump and his brother and sister took over the responsibility for managing part of the property.

Allegedly, instead of protecting her interests, they built a complicated scheme and pumped out her assets, as well as deceived about the real size of her part of the inheritance, claiming that it was much smaller than the real one.

Thus, the American president’s niece claims damages from her family, as well as compensation of at least $500,000.

In July, Mary Trump published the book Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man. In it, the American president’s niece claims that Donald Trump is incapable of empathy.

The president himself called the book a complete lie. According to him, the niece “tells lies about my wonderful parents (who couldn’t stand it) and about me and is in violation of the non-disclosure agreement.