Trump’s niece’s book broke the sales record in the U.S.

Dedicated to the current U.S. President, his niece Mary Trump’s book entitled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man” on the first day of sales, July 14, was bought out with a circulation of 950 thousand copies. This was reported on Thursday, July 16, TV company CNN co referring to the publishing house Simon and Schuster.

It is noted that the number of sold copies includes printed, digital and audio copies of the book. The publishing house called this a record result for itself.

Simon and Schuster notes that the book of Trump’s niece broke the record set earlier by the memoirs of former Assistant to the President for National Security John Bolton, “The Room Where It Happened: White House Memoirs. Over 780 thousand copies of Bolton’s memoirs were sold in the first week.

Mary Trump, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology, in her book asserted that the American leader because of the negative influence of the family is deprived of the ability to empathize with other people and suffers from many complexes. The author argues that one of the factors that shaped Donald Trump’s worldview as a child was his desire to avoid his father’s disapproval. According to the author, the conditions in which the future American leader grew up and was brought up deprived him of his ability to empathize and cut off his connection to the real world.