Tunnel leading to bank found in Germany while repairing tiles in parking lot

Workers who were relaying tiles in the parking lot at the Volksbank in the city of Spenge in northern Germany, found a tunnel leading to the building of the financial institution. On Wednesday, May 19, reports Der Spiegel.

The edition writes that the tiles in the parking lot sagged on May 14 that drew the attention of the city services. Workers have suggested that a pipe had burst in this place. On May 17, they began to eliminate the problem when they found a tunnel of length about 8 meters and width of about 1 meter, which began from the transformer box, reports NSN.

According to Volksbank representative the intruders could have planned to rob the bank on Sunday, May 23 when the bank would be closed for visitors and Catholics and Protestants in Germany would celebrate the Holy Trinity Day.

Police are currently searching for suspects