Turkish football player strangled his five-year-old son with a pillow

Turkish footballer Zevher Toktas, who plays in the amateur club Bursa Yildirim Dispute, confessed to the murder of his five-year-old son because “just did not love him. The Daily Sabah wrote about it on May 8.

Toktash called the doctors April 23 because the boy had trouble breathing and a high fever. The doctors isolated them both because the child had symptoms characteristic of coronavirus. A few hours later, the boy died in the intensive care unit.

Eleven days after the incident, Toktash came to the local police station to confess to what he had done. According to him, he strangled his son with a pillow when they were alone in the room.

“I put a pillow on my son’s head while he was lying on his back. For 15 minutes, I pressed it without lifting it. “My son fought back the whole time. When he stopped moving, I lifted the pillow,” the footballer said in a statement.

Answering a question about the motive for the action, Toktash said he killed his son because he just “did not love him.

“I never loved my youngest son after his birth. I don’t know why. The only reason I killed him that day was because I didn’t like him. I don’t have any mental problems,” Toktash said.

After his confession, the footballer was arrested, he will face trial for the murder of a close relative, the maximum penalty for which can be life imprisonment.