Turkish Minister of the Interior Suleiman Soylu resigned

Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu has announced that he is resigning due to the consequences of his decision to introduce curfews in 31 provinces on Friday.

“Within two hours, congestion has occurred in some areas. But that was only in certain places. Yes, I didn’t see that coming. Although I do have experience. But I don’t think what happened will cause serious problems (catalyst for the spread of coronavirus – pdt),” Soylu said earlier in an interview with the Turkish TV channel.

Recall that yesterday the Turkish authorities suddenly announced the introduction of curfews from 00.00 hours on April 11 to the evening of April 12 in 31 provinces of the country. However, they announced it two hours before the curfew. Panic broke out in all the major cities of the country and people went to the nearest shops. There was a crush, a fight and an unsanitary situation.