Twitter deleted the Trump post with the Linkin Park song

Twitter deleted the publication of U.S. President Donald Trump with a video of the Linkin Park song because of a complaint about copyright infringement. This was reported by The New Daily on Sunday, July 19.

The publication was made by U.S. presidential aide Daniel Scavino, who is responsible for communication on social networks. The American leader then reposted the entry to his page.

Images of the campaign ad were shown to the Linkin Park song. The American music company Machine Shop Entertainment, founded by the band members, appealed to the social network with a statement of copyright infringement. The microblog representatives granted the petition and removed the publication.

“We respond to justified complaints sent to us by the copyright owners or their authorized representatives,” Twitter said.

May 28, Trump signed a decree to oblige the owners of social networks to be responsible for the content of user posts.

The reason for the appearance of this document was the polemics of Trump on Twitter. Earlier the social network marked one of Trump’s messages as containing untruth. Trump threatened to close down the social networks in response, accusing them of censorship. The social networks claim that they do not suppress anyone’s views, but only remove content that contradicts their rules.

The American leader was also banned from using his compositions for political purposes by Panic! At the Disco, Aerosmith, Queen, The Rolling Stones, singers Adele and Rihanna, musicians Neil Young, Farrell Williams.