Twitter noted two Trump messages as breaking the rules of the social network

The reports of U.S. President Donald Trump were once again noted by Twitter as violating the requirements of the social network.

In them, the head of the White House called on voters who vote by mail to send their ballots soon, and on the very day of voting to come to the polling station and make sure that their vote is counted. If this did not happen, you should vote there.

“We placed a warning in the public interest by two tweets in this branch for violation of the policy of civic unity, namely, for calling people to potentially vote twice,” the social network security service said.

At the same time, access to Trump’s posts is preserved, it will be possible to quote it, but it is impossible to “like” it, respond to it or retweet it.

Previously, the social network repeatedly noted the message of the American leader as a violation of the social network rules. Thus, at the end of August, next to Trump’s tweet, there was a note that the publication about voting using mailboxes “misleads people”.