Twitter removed the words “slave” and “blacklist” from the program codes

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Twitter removed the words “slave”, “master”, “black list”, “white list” and a number of other words from the program codes. This was reported by the BBC on July 3.

It is specified that the program codes, which use this vocabulary, were created decades ago. Against the background of the fight against racism after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the company decided to replace the terms “in favor of a more inclusive language”. For example, they plan to replace the “white list” with a “permission list” and the “master/slave” (“principal/subordinate”) with a ” lead/ follower”.

JPMorgan said it would also remove some terms from some codes as “more and more companies are turning to racism” after Floyd died. GitHub Microsoft and Quaker Oats also recognize “racial stereotyping” and intend to change the terminology.

Following the death of African-American George Floyd and the launch of the Black Lives Matter protest movement, many brands have said they intend to change the images associated with ethnic stereotypes on their product packaging. Mars said it is changing the Uncle Ben’s logo. Quaker Oats (owned by PepsiCo) will remove Auntie Jemima’s image from the syrup packages. B&G Foods’ Cream Of Wheat quick-soluble porridges also announced the change in the logo, with a dark-skinned chef on the porridge packs.