Twitter started marking “uncomfortable” posts about the coronavirus as fake

Twitter cooperates with reliable (but unknown to anyone) partners to identify fakes, said the social network managers. Twitter is also developing tools to promote reliable information.

The social network Twitter has started to mark faake information about the coronavirus distributed through its channels. False posts about the pandemic and conspiracy theories will now be marked as “misleading” and “controversial,” Twitter managers Yoel Roth and Nick Pickles said in an online message released Monday, May 11.

They noted that Twitter is working with “reliable partners” to identify questionable and allegedly harmful content, without specifying, however, which ones. According to the managers, the development of tools to promote “reliable and authentic” information is simultaneously underway.

Influx of information

All network resources, against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, face the challenge of spreading numerous rumours, fairies and conspiracy theories. Network operators compete with each other in an effort to contain the influx of misinformation.

Twitter last week removed a number of controversial posts, including a link between the pandemic and 5G technology, as well as two comments from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who questioned the feasibility of quarantine.