Twitter stock trades down nearly 4% after Trump’s account got blocked

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Twitter shares in trading in the U.S. on the evening of January 8 fell by almost 4% after the indefinite blocking of the account in the social network of U.S. President Donald Trump. About this on Saturday, January 9, reports FoxNews.

Thus, according to the channel, on Friday afternoon they were trading at $51.48, but by 8 p.m. their price was $49.54, which is 3.77% lower than the day’s level.

The fact that Trump’s Twitter account had been permanently blocked became known on the evening of January 8. According to the administration of the social network, the reason for this decision was the risk of further incitement to violence. In addition, the leadership of Twitter promised to deactivate any page in the social network, which will be used by Trump.

The social network fulfilled its promise on the same day, freezing the page of the politician’s campaign headquarters because of his statement in which Trump stressed that Twitter would not silence him. The social network immediately deleted the post.