Two men detained in Rome on suspicion of spying for Russia

Russian officer and an Italian naval captain have been detained in Rome on suspicion of spying for the Russian Federation. This was reported on Wednesday, March 31, by the newspaper Le Repubblica.

“The operation took place during a secret meeting between them immediately after the Italian officer handed over secret documentation in exchange for a sum of money. At the end of the official procedures, the officer was arrested, while the situation of the foreign national is still being considered in connection with his diplomatic status,” the ROS special unit reported.

Last December, the Netherlands ordered the expulsion of two Russian diplomats on charges of espionage.

Representatives of the Dutch intelligence and security service said that the diplomats were trying to obtain confidential information from IT companies and institutions. The two men were declared persona non grata by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and must leave the country.

In September, the Bulgarian prosecutor’s office accused two Russian diplomats of espionage. The agency noted that they were carrying out intelligence activities in an attempt to obtain information about plans to modernize the Bulgarian army and maintain the technical suitability of the country’s armed forces.

In August, Norway announced the expulsion of a Russian diplomat after a Norwegian citizen was detained on suspicion of passing important information to a foreign country.