Two NBA players refused to get down on their knees as part of the fight against racism

Orlando Magic basketball player Jonathan Isaac became the first player of the National Basketball Association (NBA) regular championship who refused to get down on his knees in support of the anti-racism movement Black Lives Matter.

The NBA season, interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resumed on 30 July. All games are on Orlando campus. During the performance of the U.S. anthem in the first games, all basketball players kneeled as a sign of solidarity in the fight against racism. On the Friday before the match against San Antonio, Isaac didn’t do it and also didn’t wear a T-shirt with the inscription Black Lives Matter.

According to the player, he believes in movement, but getting down on his knee or a T-shirt “doesn’t go hand in hand” to support black life.

“I feel like I support the Black Lives Matter through the Gospel. All lives are supported through the gospel,” said Isaac, 22, who is black himself.

A little later, he was followed by Miami Heath Center Meyers Leonard. He didn’t kneel down during the anthem before the game against Denver Nugget. Leonard remained standing with his hand to his heart.

“I support the Black Lives Matter movement, but I love and support our military. I support my brother and everyone who has fought to protect our country,” Yahoo Sports quotes.