Two people died in a helicopter crash on a house in Nigeria

In the Nigerian state of Lagos in southwestern Nigeria, a helicopter fell on its home, killing two people. The state’s Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) announced this on August 28 on Facebook.

“A man was saved <...>. At the same time, the death of two adult men was confirmed,” the report said.

The victim was taken to Lagos hospital for further treatment.

It is specified that the crash of Bell helicopter occurred at 12:00 local time .

According to the authorities, the helicopter belongs to the Nigerian airline Quorum Aviation.

Emergency services are conducting emergency operations at the scene. Photos published in the social network show the helicopter’s wreckage – it damaged several walls of houses and a car standing near the house.

Earlier, on July 25, a small plane crashed into an apartment building in the German city of Wesel. Two people were injured in the crash, one of them was a child and three were killed.

According to witnesses, the plane crashed into a balloon before the crash.