Two people were killed in a riot on the outskirts of Chicago

Riots in Chicago’s suburbs following the death of African-American George Floyd during his detention led to the death of two people, two others were injured. This was reported on Tuesday, June 2, by the local television channel WGNTV.

The tragedy took place in the city of Cicero. A representative of Ray Hanania Municipality confirmed the data on the victims.

He said at least 60 rioters were detained on Monday. Hananiyeh said that the protests were also attended by residents of other localities who had come from Chicago after its centre closed. According to him, it was because of their shots that the citizens were injured.

The administration spokesman added that more than a hundred Cicero law enforcement officers are patrolling the streets of the city with the assistance of about 120 state and state police officers.

A wave of riots swept the U.S. after the death of 46-year-old African-American George Floyd as a result of severe police detention. The man died May 25 in intensive care. The incident took place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where mass protests began.