Two serial electric crossovers will appear in Renault range

Renault will release two serial electric crossovers on a new modular platform CMF-EV until 2022. One model will belong to a category of compact crossovers (length about 4,5 m), the second – to a class of cross-hatchback.

The peculiarity of the cars will be carefully designed flowability – better than conventional cars. “In the world of electric cars, we are particularly sensitive to the aerodynamic drag coefficient. In particular, thanks to improved aerodynamics, the power reserve per charge will reach 550 km,” says the British edition of Autocar Gilles Normad, director of programs for electric Renault cars.

The CMF-EV electric vehicle platform is being developed jointly by Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi engineers. It was first used for the Morphoz concept, which was launched in March 2020. A special feature of the show car is the variable length of the body, so Renault has demonstrated the flexibility of the developed platform (it is possible to create cars of different classes without large additional investments). Morphoz is equipped with the only electric motor that drives the front wheels. In urban mode, the engine output is programmatically limited to 134 hp, while for long-distance trips the power can be increased to 214 hp.