Two whales in France swam ashore in the third week of quarantine

Bouche du Rhône, France, filmed two Finns (whales) in the third week of the country’s self-isolation regime as they approached shore in the Calanque National Park in southern France. This was reported on Thursday, April 9, the park’s administration on Twitter.

“The ability to observe this second largest animal on the planet shows the potential impact of the regime of self-isolation of people on the behavior of wildlife,” the report says.

The unique footage of serenely floating animals was captured on April 7 near the French coast.

March 24, it was reported that wild animals – wild boars, roe deer and bears – started entering the quarantined cities in Spain. Different species of animals, usually inhabiting the periphery of cities, have now moved inland in search of food. Some social media users have written about coyotes wandering the streets.

Since 17 March in France, due to the coronavirus epidemic, the authorities have imposed strict restrictions on the movement of people, violators are threatened with fines. There are no restaurants, cafes, cinemas or non-food shops in the country.