U.S. added five Venezuelan citizens to the list of sanctions

Five Venezuelans are on the U.S. sanctions list for “undermining democracy” and supporting President Nicolas Maduro. This was reported on September 22 on the website of the American Ministry of Finance.

“These individuals, including members of the National Assembly of Venezuela supporting Maduro, acted within a broad scheme of manipulation of parliamentary elections in December 2020, transferring control over Venezuelan opposition parties to politicians affiliated with the regime of Nicolas Maduro,” said the American side.

According to Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin, Washington remains committed to hold the Maduro regime and its supporters accountable for their “flagrant corruption” in order to ensure free and fair elections for the Venezuelan people.

The U.S. sanctions list includes interim secretary general of the United Social Party of Venezuela Miguel Antonio José Ponente Parra, Guillermo Antonio Luces, Parra’s associate, José Bernabé Gutierrez Parra, also interim party chairman.

Chaim José Bucaran Parraguan, listed as an official of the Venezuelan government, and Williams José Benavides Rondon, one of the leaders of the Venezuelan radical left-wing movement Tupamaro, have been subjected to restrictions.

“These people, including supporting Maduro members of the Venezuelan National Assembly, acted as part of a broader scheme to manipulate the parliamentary elections held in December 2020.

Relations between Venezuela and the United States remain strained. This is due to the fact that in January 2019, amidst protests, opposition leader Juan Guaydo proclaimed himself head of state. The U.S. declared him legitimate, and unilateral sanctions were imposed on the republic and a number of politicians.

Several other countries, including Russia, China and Mexico, supported Maduro.