U.S. and Canada agree on steps to modernize aerospace defense

The United States and Canada have agreed on concrete steps to modernize the Joint Aerospace Defense Command of North America (NORAD). This is stated in a joint statement by the defense ministers of the two countries.

“Canadian National Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan and United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin endorse this joint statement guiding Canadian and U.S. cooperation to enhance NORAD’s aerospace capabilities,” according to a material published Aug. 17 on the Pentagon’s website.

According to the document, the Joint Command “must be able to notice and respond more decisively” to aerospace and maritime threats in the northern frontier.

The two countries’ defense agencies, according to the statement, plan to improve their technological capabilities to identify possible threats. Among other things, they will put into operation the latest over-the-horizon radar tracking systems.

In addition, the two countries’ defense ministries plan to increase spending on modernizing NORAD infrastructure in the Arctic and improve coordination in the region.

It is specified that part of the investment will be spent on development of new weapons.

February 24 it was reported that the U.S. and Canada agreed to modernize NORAD and launch an expanded dialogue on the Arctic.