U.S. Army Corps of Engineers checks 114 facilities that could become hospitals

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has assessed nearly 100 facilities, including hotels, sports arenas, conference centers, college dormitories, and fairgrounds that could receive COVID-19 patients or treat uninfected people to free up overcrowded hospitals.

Lists of potential facilities that could serve as medical facilities are sent by state authorities to the USACE, which conducts inspections.

“Ultimately, the state decides which facility to use and the level of medical care it will provide,” the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said. – “We are currently inspecting 20 facilities for potential use in Maryland.

The role of the USACE is to provide inspection information to state authorities, as well as to determine which facilities may or may not be used as an alternative location for assistance based on a number of factors, including area, potential capacity, electrical and communications capabilities and more.

“Not all of the facilities verified will be used,” the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers stressed. – “At this time, it’s not known what facilities, if any, we will be dealing with. The state authorities determine what they want to do and what mechanisms they want to use”.

Several facilities are expected to be used this week in cities such as Sacramento, Seattle and Chicago, where the McCormick Place exhibition center was chosen.