U.S. auctioned off exhibits from a Cold War espionage museum

A large collection of Cold War era items from the New York SSC espionage museum was put up for auction in the United States, the Daily Mail reported on January 27.

The collection belongs to the owner of the museum Julius Urbaitis. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the gallery had to close and the collection was put up for sale.

Among the exhibits, for example, is a gun disguised as lipstick ($1,200), a purse “Fly” with a hidden Leica camera ($3,500). ), a listening device from 1964 ($500), a copy of an umbrella “syringe” that was allegedly loaded with the deadly poison ricin ($3,000), a Soviet version of the Enigma encryption machine known as “Violet” ($8-12,000), etc.

Urabaitis has been collecting KGB-related items for 30 years. The museum, opened in 2019, exhibited items from his personal collection and artifacts and copies purchased specifically for the gallery.