U.S. – Britain Trade Deal

U.S. to sign trade deal with Britain

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the United States will be ready to sign a trade deal with Britain as soon as possible after the country leaves the European Union.dominic raab brexit

The U.S. diplomat met Wednesday with britain’s new foreign minister, Dominic Raab. The British Foreign Secretary was in Washington as part of a trip to North America aimed at strengthening ties with non-European countries ahead of Brexit.


There is now some tension between the US and the UK over disagreements over how to deal with Iran, climate change and other issues.

U.S. officials hope that the relationship between new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and U.S. President Donald Trump will eventually lead to a bilateral trade deal.

We support the sovereign choice of the United Kingdom, but eventually Brexit will be a shock and we will be on the threshold, with a pen in hand, ready to sign a new free trade agreement as soon as possible,” he said.

Raab noted that the UK will “absolutely decisively” leave the EU by the end of October. Once the UK leaves the EU, it will be free to enter into bilateral trade agreements with other countries.