U.S. Congress approves more than $2 billion for Capitol Police

The United States House of Representatives voted to approve an appropriations package aimed at protecting the Capitol building and the Afghan relocation program. The amount of designated funding was $2.1 billion, it was announced on Thursday, July 30.

Such measures were taken against the backdrop of the situation of Capitol Police officers: it is specified that law enforcement agencies are on the verge of bankruptcy, which could happen as early as next month. Part of the allocated funds will go to federal agencies that provide assistance to U.S. allies in Afghanistan.

The U.S. Senate was the first to support the initiative to support the U.S. police after repeated arguments over how to improve the financial situation of Capitol officers.

“The last six months have pushed those who protect the U.S. Capitol to the limit. In the face of unprecedented adversity, they have responded heroically. We must support them now because they have so courageously supported us,” NPR quoted U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer as saying.

The bill must be signed by U.S. President Joe Biden.

Earlier, on July 19, it became known about the first conviction for committing a felony during the storming of the Capitol building of 38-year-old Florida resident Paul Hodgkins. He was sentenced to eight months in prison for “obstructing congressional efforts to summarize and certify the results of the election” of the U.S. president.