U.S. Congress introduces a bill on sanctions against Russia over Navalny

A bill on sanctions against Russia because of the situation around the blogger Alexei Navalny has been submitted to the U.S. Congress. It was announced on February 3 in the press service of the Senator from the State of Florida Marco Rubio.

“U.S. senators <...> have reintroduced the bill “On the prosecution of the Russian Federation for malicious activity” 2021. The bill (would) impose targeted sanctions against Russian officials involved in egregious violations of international law, which includes the poisoning and imprisonment of opposition leader and anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny,” the report said.

On February 2, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that Western countries calling for Navalny’s release should not interfere in Russia’s internal affairs, but deal with their own problems.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov later emphasized that the hysteria, which the West has started because of the Navalny case, is going off the scale, and called the West’s rhetoric arrogant and inappropriate.

On February 2 Moscow Simonovsky Court changed the suspended sentence for blogger Alexey Navalny in the case of fraud against the company “Yves Rocher” for the real one – 3,5 years. The reason was repeated violations of probation. Thus, in 2018, Navalny 10 times did not appear in the inspection, in 2019 recorded 40 no-shows, in 2020 – six.

Previously, the court was lenient towards the blogger and instead of replacing the suspended sentence with a real one, and the authorized agencies issued official warnings about the possibility of canceling the suspended sentence and replacing it with a real term of imprisonment.

Taking into account the 12 months spent under house arrest, the blogger will serve two years and eight months in the general regime colony. The defense stated its intention to appeal the verdict.