U.S. court may temporarily block the prohibition of downloading TikTok

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The decision of the U.S. administration to remove the application of the social network TikTok from Google Play and App Store may be temporarily postponed by court order. This was reported by Bloomberg on Thursday, September 24.

A judge in the capital district of Colombia in response to TikTok’s request to temporarily block the entry into force of the decision of the White House, ruled that the U.S. administration must either agree to postpone the entry into force of the ban, or provide the court with arguments against the claim brought by TikTok. If the U.S. government chooses the latter, the court is prepared to hold a hearing on Sunday.

On September 21, U.S. President Donald Trump said that Washington would not approve the deal to sell the American segment of the Chinese social network TikTok to the companies Oracle and Walmart if they do not get full control over it.

On September 19 Trump approved the purchase of the American segment of the Chinese application TikTok. According to him, after that the government will allocate $5 billion for educational projects. After that, the Ministry of Trade postponed for a week the entry into force of the ban on downloading applications.

September 13, it became known that the company ByteDance, which owns TikTok, rejected the offer of Microsoft to purchase the American segment of the service. Earlier that day it announced that it would not sell the U.S. algorithm, which is the basis of the application TikTok, and has already notified the U.S. authorities and potential buyers about its decision.

After that, the U.S. Department of Commerce has banned the distribution of Chinese applications WeChat and TikTok in the country since September 20.

August 6 Trump signed a decree “On combating the threat” allegedly coming from the Chinese applications TikTok and WeChat. Later he demanded to sell the service TikTok to an American company until September 15, otherwise it will be banned on the territory of the USA.