U.S. court settles the suit of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle against the paparazzi

The conflict between Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle and the photo agency that distributed secret pictures of their son Archie has been resolved. This was announced on Thursday, October 8, by Sky News TV channel.

At the end of July, the couple filed a complaint with a court in Los Angeles against the paparazzi who were launching drones to get pictures of their spouses and their one-year-old son at their private home. Moreover, Harry and Megan went to court only after they learned that Archie’s photos had become an object of purchase and sale.

According to the lawyer of the four, Michael Cam, the X17 photo agency admitted its guilt and agreed to reimburse the court costs. The defendants also pledged to return all the photos to Harry and Megan and to destroy the copies in their archives and databases.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex declared that “don’t look for any special treatment” and simply want to have the right to privacy.

On January 8 Prince Harry and Megan Markle reported in Instagram about desire to give up duties of senior members of the royal family and to receive financial independence from Buckingham Palace. After much discussion, the couple were given this right despite the disappointment of Queen Elizabeth II.

The wife and her son Archie currently reside in Santa Barbara, California, USA, where they secretly bought a house. In September, they founded a production company and entered into an agreement with Netflix, a streaming service.

The agreement provides for the production of documentary and feature films, as well as productions and programs for children. In addition, the spouses will appear in documentary programs that will become exclusive to Netflix.