U.S. demand China pay for the coronavirus’ damages to the world

The US called on China to allocate nine trillion dollars to fight the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in the world.

Pompeo said that China’s contribution to the fight against coronavirus is much less than the price “that the whole world has paid because of it”. According to him, more than 90 thousand Americans lost their lives because of the pandemic, and another 36 million people became unemployed.

The head of the State Department estimated the total damage caused to the world at nine trillion dollars, and demanded that China pay it.

He also noted that so far the U.S. has allocated $10 billion for vaccine development and humanitarian aid, while China has allocated only $2 billion.

On May 18, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that Beijing would allocate two billion dollars over the next two years to help states fight the coronavirus and socio-economic development in the affected countries, especially in developing countries.

Earlier, U.S. President’s Economic Affairs Advisor Peter Navarro accused China of intentionally sending tourists around the world to spread the coronavirus infection.