U.S. Embassy officials in Kabul destroyed passports of some Afghans

U.S. Embassy officials in Kabul destroyed the passports of some Afghan nationals in preparation for an evacuation, CNN reported Tuesday, August 17, citing U.S. House of Representatives member Andy Kim, a Democrat.

It is noted that in preparation for the forced evacuation, U.S. embassy employees were required to destroy important documents and desktops. In particular, among the destroyed documents were the passports of some Afghans.

“Visa and passport visits at the embassy have been canceled and the passports in the embassy’s possession have been destroyed. At this point, it is not possible to provide visa services within Afghanistan,” Kim said.

The exact reasons for destroying passports of Afghan citizens are unknown, but it is not ruled out that this was done so that documents would not end up in the possession of representatives of the radical Taliban movement. The absence of a passport would create serious problems for those trying to get out of the South Asian country.

On the same day, the U.S. authorities evacuated about 1.1 thousand of its citizens, residence permit holders in the United States, as well as their family members from Afghanistan. For the last days the American authorities evacuated over 3.2 thousand people in total, including their own personnel.

On the eve of the State Department said that those wishing to leave Afghanistan should be allowed to leave. The Foreign Ministry called on all sides to cooperate with the safe departure of foreign nationals and Afghans from Afghanistan. More than 60 countries signed the statement.

On August 15, representatives of the Taliban entered Kabul, then declared the “end of the war” in Afghanistan, calling it “liberation” of the country. Representatives of the radical movement said they would soon announce the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani resigned on the same day and left the country.