U.S. fighter jet drove civilian plane away from Biden’s house with missile salvo

A U.S. military fighter fired a warning shot at a civilian airliner while it was intercepting it in the skies above the residence of U.S. leader Joe Biden. It was reported by The Sun on Tuesday, May 18.

Last Sunday, the head of state was in his home in Greenville, Delaware.

According to Delaware Online, a small Grumman AA-5 Tiger civilian aircraft violated the no-fly zone over the home around 1 p.m..

A U.S. Secret Service military fighter fired flares at the intruder craft. The plane was diverted to New Garden Airport in Pennsylvania.

“As per standard protocol, the aircraft was intercepted and the pilot was diverted to a local airport,” a Secret Service spokesman indicated.

The moment of the interception over Biden’s residence was accidentally captured by photographer Amy Dragoo.

“It was at that moment that I remembered that Biden was in town, and I realized that we were in a no-fly zone,” she said.

As the publication specifies, while Biden is at the Greenville home, a no-fly zone is being established in the surrounding area, covering much of northern New Castle County and parts of northeastern Maryland, as well as southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey closest to Delaware.

In February 2018, a woman suffering from mental illness drove her car into a roadblock outside the residence of then-Republican U.S. President Donald Trump.