U.S. House of Representatives wants to introduce a resolution censuring Trump

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Representatives of the Republican Party of the United States are going to introduce a resolution in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, January 12, censuring incumbent President Donald Trump in connection with the storming of the Capitol, Republican Congressman Tom Reid wrote in his article for the New York Times.

“I intend on Tuesday to join my colleagues in the House of Representatives in introducing a censure resolution to ensure immediate accountability for the events of January 6. We should also consider alternatives that could allow Congress to bar Mr. Trump from holding federal office in the future,” he reported.

At the same time, Reid stressed that impeachment days before Trump’s term expires would be a serious mistake that would permanently dilute the meaning of this important constitutional provision. “We cannot and should not support hasty, divisive action simply because current emotions demand it. It’s un-American,” the congressman noted.

The congressional censure has no actual consequences, but it could have an extremely negative impact on Trump’s historic reputation. Congress has censured only two presidents in history – Andrew Jackson in 1834 and James Buchanan in 1860, with Jackson subsequently getting the censure lifted. All other attempts with a host of other American leaders, including such prominent ones as Abraham Lincoln, either failed or ended with the censure being given in general terms without mentioning the president.

Earlier on Monday, U.S. President-elect Joseph Biden said that incumbent White House leader Donald Trump should not be in power. In his opinion, for those involved in the storming of the Capitol, there should be responsibility.

On the same day, representatives of the Democratic Party of the United States formally submitted to the House of Representatives a resolution of impeachment of incumbent President Donald Trump, accusing him of sedition.

The document calls on U.S. Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to the Constitution and remove Trump from power. Earlier in the day it was noted that if Pence does not respond to the request within 24 hours, the document on impeachment will be brought before the plenary session of the House of Representatives the next day, that is, on January 12.

On January 11, the House of Representatives published the text of the resolution on Trump’s impeachment. The authors of the document believe that the current U.S. president will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the country’s constitution, based on his actions on the day of the riots near Congress.