U.S. intelligence agencies could not accept a single version of the origin of COVID-19

After nearly three months of investigation into the causes of the coronavirus, U.S. intelligence agencies were unable to arrive at a single version. This was reported by CNN on August 11.

According to sources, intelligence officials are close to completing an investigation into the origin of COVID-19, initiated by US President Joe Biden, and have prepared a secret report, which is now at the stage of preliminary consideration.

It is noted that after three months of studying the raw data, the intelligence services are still unable to reach a consensus: some suggest that the virus originated from a laboratory in Wuhan, while others are convinced that the coronavirus arose naturally. The report as it stands does not contain “anything too serious,” one source explained.

Once the classified version of the report is complete, an unclassified version will be developed so that the Biden administration can share something with the public, according to another channel interlocutor.

However, U.S. intelligence officials believe there is ample evidence that the Chinese government’s initial response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including alleged cover-ups, has significantly limited efforts to investigate the true origin of the virus.

The theory that COVID-19 is man-made has been repeatedly promoted in the United States. On May 23, The Wall Street Journal suggested that the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s November 2019 illness could suggest that the theory of the artificial origin of the coronavirus was true.

Beijing has repeatedly denied the allegations, calling such a theory a slander and conspiracy.

On August 2, a report by Republicans from the U.S. House of Representatives on the leak of the coronavirus from the Wuhan laboratory was published. According to the document, the Wuhan lab was allegedly testing viruses “under unsafe conditions.” The first cases of COVID-19 were expected to occur in August or September 2019.

On Aug. 1, Didier Pittet, head of infectious disease prevention and control at the University Hospital of Geneva and Swiss inventor of the hand sanitizer formula, said the allegations of coronavirus origin directed at China were a political issue.