U.S. is investigating the death of another African-American man in detention

Washington state police also used strangulation in the detention of African-American Manuel Ellis. A videotape of the incident back in March has just gone public.

In the U.S., the death of another African American who apparently died from the effects of strangulation in detention in Washington state back in March of this year is under investigation. On Wednesday, June 10, Governor Jay Inseley ordered a new investigation into the death of 33-year-old Manuel Ellis, who complained before his death that he could not breathe. He died at the scene of his arrest.

Inseley ordered a new investigation after the still unknown video of Ellis’ detention became public. According to the lawyer of the victim’s relatives, the African-American can be heard repeatedly saying, “Sir, I can’t breathe”. Earlier, the Network had already posted a video recording of the detention of Manuel Ellis.

To avoid a conflict of interest.

The initial forensic examination found that Ellis died of respiratory failure due to the use of force, with methamphetamine and heart disease contributing to the fatal outcome. In connection with the new material evidence, Governor Inseley said that a re-investigation would be conducted by other agencies rather than local justice, to avoid a conflict of interest.

The four police officers involved in the detention of Manuel Ellis have been suspended from duty. They stated that they had decided to detain Ellis because he had tried to open other people’s cars and because he had resisted, they had been forced to use force.

A new investigation into Ellis’ death has been announced amid a high-profile case involving the death of African American George Floyd, who died from strangulation by a police officer in Minneapolis. Floyd’s death sparked large-scale protests across the United States and demands for police reform.