The United States joins with the Taliban to confront ISIS after a series of terrorist attacks in Kabul.

This was reported by the U.S. Department of Defense on Thursday. They explained that Washington and the Taliban group together are taking steps to reduce the threat of new attacks with the use of mined vehicles. In particular, the Americans are sharing intelligence with the Taliban, and several attacks have already been averted.

The Pentagon does not hold the Taliban responsible for today’s bombings because the Taliban and the Americans have a common goal – to have U.S. forces out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31.

Despite the casualties, the United States is committed to continuing the evacuation. They are also going to identify those responsible for the attack and give a military response.

We note that since 14 August Americans evacuated 104 thousand people from Afghanistan. Another 5 thousand are waiting for their turn at the airport.

On Thursday there were four explosions in Kabul. It is known that the first was carried out by a suicide bomber, and the second occurred remotely – someone blew up a booby-trapped car.

According to the latest information, there were 60 victims of acts of terrorism, 10 of which were American servicemen. The Islamic State terrorist group, which competes with the Taliban for spheres of influence, claimed responsibility.