U.S. police officer was fired for supporting the riots near the Capitol on social media

Police officer in the U.S. state of Florida was fired in connection with the placement of social media materials in support of the January 6 riots near the U.S. Congress. About this on Monday, January 25, reported the television channel NBC.

According to his information, police officer Andrew Johnson was suspended on January 14. The reason for this was the man’s Facebook postings. The ex-police officer allegedly spoke words of support for Trump supporters who rioted outside the Congress building in Washington.

In particular, the fired police officer posted posts that included references to the “revolutionary war” and the “silent majority uprising.” This is the name given in the U.S. to members of conservative sectors of the population who prefer not to spread their views publicly, while actively voting at the polls on Election Day.

In addition, Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with the results of the presidential election which was allegedly won by Democrat Joe Biden who took office on January 20.