U.S. proposes to impose sanctions against Russia’s national debt

Congressmen from the U.S. Democratic Party  proposed to impose sanctions against Russia’s sovereign debt, banks and LNG projects again , Bloomberg reported.sanctions against Russia's sovereign debt

The initiative was taken by a group of centrist Democrats known as Blue Dog Democrats. They propose a package of bills that is intended to “punish” Russia for its alleged interference in the American elections.

In addition to sanctions, it is proposed to use existing laws to prosecute “interference in elections”, increase transparency of political advertising and require all states to use paper ballots in voting.
Previously, the U.S. Congress has introduced several similar bills, but so far they have not been considered.

Almost immediately after the 2016 presidential election, which Donald Trump won, U.S. intelligence agencies accused Russia of meddling in the vote and the president-elect colluding with Moscow. Both the Kremlin and the White House have denied all these accusations.

Special prosecutor Robert Mueller has been investigating the matter for two years. He eventually accused a group of Russian citizens of meddling in the election, but admitted he found no evidence of collusion between Either Trump or his team and Russia. As noted in the Kremlin, the reasoned evidence of “Russian interference” in Mueller has not been presented.