U.S. riots: Trump and his family were put in an underground bunker

Over four thousand detainees in various cities in the United States. These include those who broke curfews in major U.S. agglomerations, and those who participated in pogroms of shops and other businesses.

All personnel of the National Guard stationed in Washington were called upon to restore order in the capital, together with the police.

The protesters tried, among other things, to climb over the fence of the White House, and then the Secret Service – as the Presidential Guard Service is called – went into action.

President, the First Lady and their son were evacuated and placed in an underground bunker.

A little later, Trump tweeted that the anti-fa – and many of its members are suspected of organizing and participating in the riots – would be declared a “terrorist organization.

A total of more than 1,200 National Guards were brought to the streets of Washington, according to Tht Associated Press, citing an anonymous source in the Pentagon.

The protests began a week ago when Minneapolis police, summoned by a shop cashier, arrested African American George Floyd. Reportedly, he was trying to pay with a fake banknote.

He was handcuffed by law enforcement officials and it has become known that Floyd did not resist, but a forceful reception was held against him, which eventually resulted in his death.

The press had noted that all social strata and racial groups were involved in the protests; two lawyers working on corporate law had been arrested in New York; they could face up to 20 years in prison for engaging in violence against the police.